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Romeo and Juliet - Sexting
Romeo and Juliet - Sexting
R - OMG. say i am sxc again
J - u r sxc
R - LOL. luv u babe
J - luv u 2. wanna get hitched?
R - wot ev
R - plz dont say that again
J - soz
R - its ok
J - i dont care that u r a "m". i luv u
R - we already sed that
J - i no. i dont care. cum 2 my room plz
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The Stones - Chapter I
The Stones - One
I - The Mage
It was dark in the hospital room. The only form of luminescence came from a boarded up window. A shaft of blue moonlight slipped silently past two wooden planks into the room. Silent to all but the girl who's face was lit by the sliver cast by the night time orb.
To this girl, a thousand songs of mourning from every race under the sun flooded into the room, leaving no room in her mind for her own grief. She had summoned these songs for that very purpose.
To see one's father die is bad enough, but to see him murdered was worse. And worse even than that was being unable to save him.
But it wasn't just her father.
Her fists clenched in fury and she expelled the songs. Now there was silence and mental space for the pain she so desperately wished to rid herself of.
Like a Tsunami, Mei was slapped in the face by her grief. Tears overflowed from her eyes, and she drew her knees to her chin, burying her head in her skirts. Why? She thought. Why him?
A commotion do
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The Stones - Prologue
The Stones - Prologue
Prologue - The Trio
The congregation was in turmoil. Ten of the five thousand had been taking orders from the Darkness. Slowly, they had manipulated everyone except three. Celestia, Warlic and Cysero.
Celestia wept freely, not bothering to stem the bitter flow. Warlic made no attempt to comfort her, as he killed the last one, a particularly venomous warrior by the name of Xenith. It was too much for her, to kill her own grandfather. But he had been weak enough to succumb. He had been dangerous.
Cysero wiped the black/red blood on his trouser leg, "There was nothing else we could do, Lady."
She nodded, eyes not leaving the mangled body.
Cysero touched Warlic's arm lightly, then indicated to the side with his head. The blue mage followed him. After casting an anxious look at Celestia, he spoke in a low voice.
"One is missing."
Warlic nodded, "I know."
"Do you know who though?"
"The prophecy was too much for her. She was going to fall to the darkness anyway."
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yukimi's diary
deer diawy,
da uvr dai i gots a wetter. it was ai pwetty wetter. it sed eye waz sxy and i shood go 4 ai wawk in da park. so eye did. eye sor a butterfwy, a twee, a bush and a gurl wiv wings. she told me 2 go dat wai. and eye did.
eye sor a twee. eye cwimbd it. a boi and sum gurls sat undr it. eye waz sad. eye coodnt leaf my twee. so eye dwoped my pwetty wetter nxt 2 da boi. eye went wussle wussle. he sor da wetter and den eye fel from mai twee. eye waz sor but eye wasnt eevsdropin! weeli weeli twooli! sum uvr gurls gurls caim. we talkded. den eye sed 2 da boi "al 9 of us r totawi sortd!" eye felt weeli smrt bcoz eye hid a secret messag in mai words. den us gurls weft. we went 2 da bois hous and den da gurl wid da mol sed "maib we shood go insid." da uvr gurls sed "m'kay hahnah." eye just sed "m'kay." we got weddy 4 bed. den da boi cam hom. hee sed 2 leaf. eye cwied. den we didnt hav 2 leaf n-e-moar.
da nxt dai da gurl wiv da pink hare and wings but not da gurl hoo sed "dat wai" coz shi
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Funny Doujin Stuff
Things That Should Happen In My Doujin
1 – Haru’s death XD
2 – Haru being hit by a truck
3 – Haru falling into a well
4 – Haru drowning in a puddle
5 – Haru being eaten by a bear
6 – Tsuya retires and owns her own hot dog stand
7 – Shiokaze marries Kyuua
8 – The twins mate and have twincest babies
9 – Jinku ditches Noraneko after she wins the lottery
10 – Haru gets his face stuck in a blender
11 – Haru gets raped by a sausage
12 – Ai wins ten million dollars in a pie-eating contest
13 – Kid Tanuki becomes old and turns into Grandpa Tanuki
14 – Shiraha gets her own cooking show
15 – and Kuroha watches it every Sunday at 8
16 – Senbon designs her own swimsuit line
17 – Noraneko gets a job as the new manager of Subway
18 – Kyuua gets a tan
19 – Yani wins an Olympic medal in ping-pong
20 – Haru gets his foot stuck in a mulcher
:iconisadora-greenhall:Isadora-Greenhall 1 95
The Tsuya Chronicles - Chap I
The Tsuya Chronicles – Chapter I
Tsuya kicked at the stones on the footpath. School sucked. The teacher’s sucked. The students sucked. Heck, the School psychologist sucked!
Tsuya had always hated school. Learning how to read and spell was stupid. The first week at Kindergarten, her teacher had said slowly in a sickly sweet voice, while holding up a card with the letter ‘A’ on it, “This is an A. A-a-a-a.” Then the mindless zombies in her class had repeated, “A-a-a-a.” Tsuya had put her hand up and said, “When are we going to read?” And the teacher had responded, “When you know the alphabet.”
But she HAD known the alphabet. At that age, Tsuya was halfway through The Famous Five series.
The teachers just didn’t appreciate her genius. Neither did the kids. She was pushed around, called names.
It sucked.
Her father didn’t even want her to fight back.
“You are a lady,” he had been known to scold, “and as suc
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Alternate Entrance - Kyuua
Kyuua was on a mission. A very important mission. But we can talk about that later.
Being the ‘social-retard’ he was, Kyuua had been instructed in the various forms of etiquette in preparation. Which knife, fork and/or spoon to use, how to ask politely where the bathroom was, and when was a good time to call it a day. Small, petty things such as this had been Kyuua’s study topic for weeks.
He had even been gifted with a pocket dictionary from one of his mentors, who had said, with a smile, having presented the small black book, “Use this when you find that special someone.”
On the day in question, Kyuua was trying to recall what another, harsher teacher had told him to do when he needed to gain entrance to another’s abode. For some reason, the memory evaded him, which was actually not so surprising, as, at the time, he had been practising dislocating his ankle and popping it back into place, an action he was now a professional at.
Now, what had she said? K
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Tsuya and Jinku Communicate
*WARNING* This ‘story’ contains language that no nice, little girl should hear. But I’m not nice. Or little. Or even a girl. Ooh! Shock! Horror!
“Bitch to whore! Bitch to whore! Come in, whore! Over.”
Tsuya sighed, “Who even chose these codenames?”
“Say ‘over’. And it was the Macho Slut who chose them. Over.”
“ ‘Macho Slut’? The boss? Surely you just made that up!”
Jinku hissed, “Say ‘OVER’, whore!
“Don’t call me that! And you forgot the ‘over’ yourself. Over.”
Silence on the other end, except for a faint grinding which was quite possibly Jinku’s teeth.
“But enough procrastinating,” Tsuya continued after she was sure the other girl wasn’t going to respond, “Why did you call?” Then, reluctantly, “Over.”
“You told me I had to give you frequent updates, whore. Over.”
Tsuya was all charm, “Give me the freakin’ report
:iconisadora-greenhall:Isadora-Greenhall 5 169
Isadora to Lemony I
Dear Mr Snicket,
Wow. I can’t believe I am writing to you!
Ah, jeez. Now that I am actually putting pen to paper, I have no idea what to say.
I guess I should say - “Congrats on an awesome series!” But it isn’t awesome. It is terrible. So I shall say - “Congrats on finishing the series without dying.”
Crap. I just realised - I haven’t even introduced myself yet. Sorry.
My name is Isadora. No, actually, that isn’t my real name. Isadora is my favourite character. I wish I could write poems that good!
Sorry, I’ve gone astray.
I’m fourteen. I want to be an author someday, like you. Yeah, that’s my dream.
So, now that you have listened to me dribble on about myself, what about you? What are your dreams and hobbies?
Or is that a little forward for a first letter? Again, sorry. Very rude of me.
What the hell was that?! “Very rude of me.” Christ, my grammars gone out the window.
Not literally, of course. No one’s grammar can
:iconisadora-greenhall:Isadora-Greenhall 2 154
Count Olaf
An eye on his ankle,
A gleam in his eye,
What goes on in his head?
I couldn’t guess if I tried.
No socks on his feet,
Broken nails on his fingers,
His vile body odour;
Oh! How it lingers!
Who is this I speak of?
When you know you won’t laugh.
For it’s that terrible villain,
The one, the only, Count Olaf.
:iconisadora-greenhall:Isadora-Greenhall 9 28
Twilight MEME - Dora Version by Isadora-Greenhall Twilight MEME - Dora Version :iconisadora-greenhall:Isadora-Greenhall 4 76
Hunting the Swan - Chap 6
Chapter VI - Re-grouping
We eventually made it away from La Push and from Forks, back to the hotel we were staying in. We strode confidently through the doors.
Many heads turned our way.
Many jaws dropped in shock.
It was probably a mixture of our beauty and our tosseled hair and clothing.
I made my way towards the youngest receptionist.
He looked as though he was going to faint.
“Hi,” I said, flashing him a bright, white smile. “May we please have our key? We’d like to go to our room now.”
He stared at my face, mouth hanging open.
I raised an eyebrow, “Is there a problem?”
He shook himself, “No, miss. Nothing.”
I shot him another dazzling grin.
He fumbled under the desk, then shyly held the weak pieces of metal out for me. I held out my hand and he dropped them into my hand.
“Je vous remercie, monsieur !” I giggled, and spun around, flicking my hair around, and made my way to the elevator.
Once the mirrored doors
:iconisadora-greenhall:Isadora-Greenhall 1 27
Summary of 'HTS - 6'
go 2 hotel
talk about how 2 got bella
maddie recommends using james, victoria and laurent
in favour
* * *
maddie goes 2 blood bank
gets found
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Alternate Ending Assignment
God, I hate writing. To me, it’s a chore. I guess it’s just the Greek in me.
Nuh, that’s just an excuse. I use it a lot.
I’ve read what Ellie wrote. Jeez, I felt embarrassed. How she so bluntly pointed out how I changed - how we ALL changed.
We’re completely different people now.
Like Ellie, I guess I’m just waffling on to procrastinate. I don’t really want to write about what happened.
But it meant so much to Ellie, so I’m gonna do my best.
What was the last thing she wrote? Oh yeah. Collecting the equipment.
After we’d got everything we needed (the aerosol cans had been scratched off the list. We figured they were too dangerous), we said taa-taa and went our separate ways. I admit it, I didn’t want to leave Fi, but it was logical. Lee would be no help if he and Ellie had to run.
Lee and Me got to the paddock with one bike, then I sprinted back and got the other. Stupid, big things. So bloody heavy.
We settled down under a tree, watchi
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'Tiffany' by Isadora-Greenhall 'Tiffany' :iconisadora-greenhall:Isadora-Greenhall 1 48
Hunting the Swan - Chap 5
I rounded on Amy, who looked petrified.
“I told you to incapacitate him!”
“But you called us away!” she wailed, “We left him struggling feebly on the ground. I -”
“Idiot!” I screeched, “They share minds! They can hear one another’s thoughts!”
If Amy’s eyes were wide before, they could have been mistaken for UFO’s by now.
“I - I didn’t know. I -”
“Your what? Sorry? It’s too late, Amy! Do I give you these lessons because I enjoy the sound of my own voice? Don’t answer that!” I added hastily as she opened her mouth to reply, “I have given you a lifetime’s wealth of information on our enemy, and you -”
“Hey, Isadora,”
I froze, then turned to face the speaker.
“Sam Uley,” I growled.
He sniffed, “You still smell rank.”
“YOU still smell like five hundred year old dragon dung!”
“Tut tut,
:iconisadora-greenhall:Isadora-Greenhall 1 17
Come and see mah random stuff!

And don't forget to fave!!!


The Forest King by Kinko-White The Forest King :iconkinko-white:Kinko-White 294 13 Peach Petal Gown by Firefly-Path Peach Petal Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 804 22 Peach Petal Gown (back view) by Firefly-Path Peach Petal Gown (back view) :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 492 3 Harry, Hermione, Ron by Natello Harry, Hermione, Ron :iconnatello:Natello 614 18 The Many Faces of Cinema: Carrie by Hyung86 The Many Faces of Cinema: Carrie :iconhyung86:Hyung86 226 6 Smalljon Umber by ertacaltinoz Smalljon Umber :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 80 1 The Crystal What? by Neodusk The Crystal What? :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,147 140 Red glasses by Anako-ART Red glasses :iconanako-art:Anako-ART 339 14 It all by Natello
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It all :iconnatello:Natello 220 5
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hello hello hello! it's me! the one, the only, DORA! yay!

... why aren't you cheering?!

Current Residence: A garbage bin
Favourite genre of music: anything done by paramore or dido
Favourite photographer: anyone who can operate a camera - i respect you all!
Favourite style of art: anything by Regul (so, anime/manga whatever it's called!)
Operating System: A hospital
MP3 player of choice: IPod, not MP3!!! Jeez, dumbass!
Shell of choice: one from the beach
Wallpaper of choice: wallpaper? pshaw! we use PAINT these days!
Skin of choice: my own, thank u very much
Favourite cartoon character: Bart and Maggie Simpson
Personal Quote: "The days of good english has went!"
  • Listening to: Mum in the other room talking (of course!)
  • Reading: Pride and Prejeduce (???) and Eragon
  • Watching: Doctor Who, Season 2
And yes, before anyone ELSE asks = I DO HAVE FOUR EYEBROWS!!!
Lol. Not really.

I currently have two long burns under my real, hairy brows, all thanks to my beautician.

Halfway through having my legs waxed (it isn't that painful, people! Just putting it out there) Mum goes, "Are you gonna have your eyebrows done?" Now, having had this infinitely more painful procedure carried out on me on several previous occasions, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I said "Yep!" Legs hairless, A-M (My beautician's initials) Moved onto my precious face. As she applied a layer of wax, I thought, "Ooh...this is a little warm." Not until after she had stripped about one hundred layers of skin and some hair, and had dyed my eyebrows, did she go, "Ooh. I think I might have burnt you."
The poor dear - she felt like absolute crap, apologizing and telling us to ring in the morning if it was still bad. We get in the car after assuring her it was fine, and I said, "Mum...this really hurts."
Next morning, I had bright red scaring, but it didn't hurt anymore. I rejoiced until realizing that my nerves had probably been destroyed.

So...yeah. I still have burn marks, that are a hell of a lot better than they were, to tell the truth, thanks to Mum's dermatitis cream.

Just thought you'd all like this in you Inbox! Ta-ta!

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